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my mom doesn’t even text me back






life is easy, son. it’s just like riding a bike that’s on fire and you’re on fire and everything is on fire and you’re in hell

you can always get gayer


so??? hey guys, its been like 3 weeks since my last one but this is gonna be my one year, and 2k ff. I’ve been on this shitty website for 1 YEAR. i have been slowly rotting my life away on tumblr (actually this is my 4/5 years on tumblr, ive had many tumblr accounts but its my 1 year on the anime side), mom, are you proud of me? well im not saying i regret it, because I’ve met amazing people; such as zhane, Sarah, Chester, Mar, Madi, Vibs and so much more. I love them all. I’ve learned so many things, watched so many things i don’t think i would have watched. This has been an experience i never wanna give up, i want to have everyone i met, everything i have learned and watched to stick with me forever. If we aren’t friends, or i don’t follow you, or you don’t follow me, i still love you guys so much, i cherish each and every one of you with all my heart. I hope the years?? months?? to come get better, and i get to meet more of you. Thank you for following me, thank you all for existing, for those of you that aren’t following me and still are on here i hope one day you notice me. (PS. its not my 1 year yet it will be on the 8th of September but who has time to wait a week)

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Well, that’s it. Thank you. if you aren’t on here you are still rad as hell. 

thank you cheyanne~! 


*wakes up* what the fuck

damn demon…

damn demon…


imagine your icon whispering ‘yee’ in your ear

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1) i have eczema and it sucks (;-_-)

2) i have freckles and beauty marks everywhere 

3) tired all the time lol

4) i talk to myself~

5) i cry rly easily

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name: noreen

nickname: rapunzel

birthday: june 25th

gender: female

sexuality: straight

height: 5’5

time zone: central time zone UTC-06:00

time and date: 8/28/14, 5:13pm

average hours of sleep i get a night: 3-11hrs lmao

otp: atm it’s kagehina fight me

last thing i googled: houston ufo sighting 

most used phrase(s): salty, lmao, omg, trash, and *sweats*

first word that comes to mind: your mom

what i last said to a family member: “drive safe.”

one place that makes me happy and why: my couch just because

how many blankets i sleep under: one

fav beverage: atm mtn dew code red lol

last movie i saw in theaters: TMNT

three things i can’t live without: family, music, and food

advice for my followers: you can’t love others without loving yourself, now is not forever and please take care of yourself as you would a small baby or pet.

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